Skunked in August

Just a quick update from me for the August new moon period.  We got the right weather pattern, dry air circulating in from the north-west BUT there were major fires in northeastern Nevada, southern Idaho and eastern Oregon that blew their smoke and haze right into the Beehive State.  It was enough to impact transparency and seeing that in my opinion, it wasn't worth taking a scope out and viewing based on conditions and wanting to maximize detail in one's observing.

On another note, I have been swamped as I am back to work right now and my own advance education is back on, thus the reason for the slow posts when combined with no observing.  There is an outreach at the Herriman Library on Friday night where a XT6 is being given away for their summer reading program after being donated by the Clark Planetarium.  If you live in the southern end of the Salt Lake Valley and want to join us by bringing a scope, there should be a rather large crowd that evening.

I received my 14 inch Zambuto mirror so I will be sharing some pictures of that and the mods of the 14 to make that work.  I have looked at it and all seems fine with it but haven't had any more time than that to do anything with it.

I also received some new eyepieces that I'll be reviewing here so those should be coming up after I can observe with them.  So lots to do, just got to find the time and the skies to do it all.  Hope your August deep sky observing during the new moon period was better than mine.