On Saturday, August 4th I believe, my friend Mat and I met Carl and Chuck off of I-15 and transferred some mirrors from Carl to Nova Optical owned by Steve Dodds here in Herriman, Utah.  Nova is about 10 minutes from my home.  After delivering them, Mat and I drove out, Steve was gone or busy but we picked up the mirror, saw a wonderful item that was being developed out on Steve's property which is amazing, and then I took the mirror home.

At home, Mat and I opened up the package and inspected the mirror and coating. Both looked wonderful.  I noticed a hair on the mirror and with a bulb, blew it off.  I then noticed a speck of dust and Mat burst out laughing as I blew that off before putting the mirror back in the box.  Mat laughed because once you open a mirror from the coater, you will never, never have it pristine again.  So since then the mirror has sat in the box per the image above,  as I have had my back to school meetings, school started and I have my own classes which started last week and this Monday.  Needless to say, I have been swamped and thus nothing has gotten done.

This Saturday we'll swap out mirrors, and then adjust the 14 and I'll observe with it on Saturday evening for the first time. After that I am going to build a new structure for the 14 inch mirror that will be an improvement on the XX14i.  I am excited about that project and will keep every up to date on that. It may mean for September that I go back to using the 10 inch dob I have until I get the other project completed.