Yet another Project? DobStuff Dob

Well, shock, two posts in two days! This one won't be long.  Over at the site/blog that I use to keep all or most of my sketches in one place, Interstellar Sketching, I was looking at my Messier Sketches.  Some of them using the Mellish method I really have enjoyed doing and am very pleased with. Others, like the ones I did in 2008 or 2009 when I was first taking up sketching leave something to be desired I think.  Now I realized that I haven't uploaded all of my sketches over here so I think I see a project next time I have a day off.

My current projects are to finish the Herschel 400 II, and then on to the Herschel 2500 since I'll have 800 of them down.  I am also going to continue to go though some of Sue French's objects from Deep Sky Wonders and observe and sketch the objects I choose.  Finally, I think its time to redo the sketches from the Messier when the new 14 is up and ready to go.  It's not that I want to redo the Messier, I look at them often enough.  I just want a more accurate sketch of these objects.  So I'll break them down by season  using the RASC's list found here.  That will mean for the fall I'll need to sketch the following objects if everything comes together:

M2, M72, M73, M15, M30, M52, M103, M31, M32, M110, M33, M74, M77, M34 and M76.  The question is can I get these in for October and November and will the weather cooperate? Hopefully as there are some very good objects to sketch there.  My targets in order are to do the 5 galaxies, the 1 PN, the 4 globs, the 3 open clusters and the 1 asterism in that order.  Since these are revisits I can take my time, sketch and enjoy myself.

So, if you've never done it, now might be a great time to consider to do or redo sketches of the Messier objects.

One other thing I want to mention. I want to keep a log of the building of the new DobStuff 14" that is going on.  First, let me state that Dennis has been just outstanding to work with.  His communication is top notch and he updates consistently (to be honest, two updates the last two days and I think he is spoiling me!).  Today he sent me the first two pictures of the upper and lower OTA's. I thought I would share them here. Probably not overly exciting to most of you, but I'm thrilled! More to come.