More on the DobStuff 14

Well Dennis continues to make wonderful progress on the new 14.  To explain what your seeing above I'll quote Dennis from his email update to me today:


Here's a couple of pictures of your OTA with the "test struts" and optics in place. I calculate the length of the struts then take the scope out under the stars to be sure that all my eyepieces come to focus. Once that's done, the OTA is a day or two from complete and work on the rocker box begins.

FYI, the struts are 57" long. Not bad, actually.

As you may know, I live in Palm Desert California. We have about 340 days of sunshine and clear skies. Tonight, so far, it's cloudy!! Go figure??"

So the OTA is coming along very nicely.  You can see the clips that will hold the 14" Zambuto mirror in place and the rest of the wonderful wood work Dennis has done.  I love the cover for the mirror!  Remember there will be a light shield that I put around the mirror in the field that will protect it from dust and other material and ambient light.  You can see the black Moonlight focuser I added to this structure as well.  Also, as Dennis points out the struts are 57" long, which seems to be shorter than the XX14's 62" for the length of the optical tube. Man, I am sure hoping that by November's new moon, I'll have this new scope in the field working.  First light for me though will be in my backyard as I do a breakdown cruise so to speak.  That will be an exciting night! More to come, that's for sure!

Edit: Well, yep, there is more to add.  Dennis replied with following:

"Well, it does turn out that the sky cleared. I was able to take the scope out and confirm that the strut length is fine. So, I'll make the permanent struts and get busy with alt bearings and rocker boxes. The stars were pin-points, beautiful -- although I didn't collimate the scope properly. My goal was to be sure the struts were correct.

I finished modifying the mirror cell. The "clips" were about 1/2" too high, so I fixed those. Just a bit more to do with the mirror cell, but it's working perfectly.

More to follow!!"