Next Post on my 14" DobStuff

As Dennis promised, I have more pictures and an update I"ll share from him on the build of the scope. I would like to point out that Dennis has been just outstanding, no, beyond outstanding to work with.  He has made suggestions, asked for my input and communicated daily since he has started working on my scope. I can't wait to get the scope back when it is done and give it a shakedown first light in the backyard during the day, use it that night and then after a few tweeks (every dob is a work in progress!) taking it to a dark site and giving the working scope the same beyond outstanding review that Dennis' communication and service has been so far.

So here is Dennis' comment to me:

"I've completed the OTA -- more or less. Just a couple of small things to do. I'll be working on the alt bearings tomorrow and Monday and later the rocker box. I'm pleased with the results so far. The wood is beautifully colored, smooth and shiny. Very nice I think.

Notice, too, that the dew shield slips into place and fits into the groove on the mirror board. Everything fits nicely.

Now that the struts are cut to length, I'll test it under the stars just for my own satisfaction and then take the struts and focuser bracket into the shop for powder coating.

More to come!!"

Here are the images he shared today.

In the first one you can see the lower OTA with the mirror cover in place and the light shield that will fit around the primary.  Dennis is right, everything looks outstanding right now.

Here is a full blown view of the upper and lower OTA, the secondary mirror in place, the black Moonlight Focuser in place (to my friend Jeff, I look forward to you trying out the focuser) and you can see the light shield in place which will help to protect the primary mirror from dust and other things from the ground and from ambient light and dew.

These next two show the upper and lower OTA in detail with a focus on each one.  Notice on the bottom OTA in all the pictures where it is present you can also see the attachments for the strings I've ordered to ensure that when the scope goes to zenith there won't be any movement of the collimation. I totally agree wih Dennis I LOVE the color of the wood and think it is coming together so wonderfully.

Here is a close up of the bottom OTA with the dew shield in place.

That's all for today.  As he sends me more I'll post more.  So far I am so pleased I went this route to build a new structure for the 14" Zambuto.