Rocker Box/Alt Bearings for 14" DobStuff

Here is a quick post to show you the rocker box and alt bearings for my new scope.  I've included the email that Dennis sent along with it. He continues to amaze me with the images and updates as I really wasn't expecting anything for a few days but this is incredible.! I can't wait to get it and assembly it, and try it out at home. Here's Dennis' email.  Powder coating the struts will take a week! I do think when it is all done I will have a wonderful structure to house the mirrors I have and that the motions will be very smooth.  I sure hope we have clear skies at new moon in November.

 "The rocker box/alt bearings are coming along nicely. I put the rocker box together with clamps to be sure everything fits nicely. All is looking good.

I took the struts to the powder coating this a.m. They tell me, because of a busy schedule, it may take a week or so!! Meanwhile, I can use other tubing to continue building the scope.

So far, so good. I'm very pleased with the fit and finish so far."