Video of DobStuff 14" Assembly

Well, I put together a video and posted it on my YouTube account of how easy it is to assembly the 14" DobStuff telescope. My friend Mat narrates and yes, you have to put up with seeing my fat middle age self (I am losing weight slowly for health reasons; I want to be around to see my grand-kids and enjoy life).  Mat makes an excellent observation during the setup, that it is entirely a tool free setup until you get to collimation.

Saturday evening was spent in the backyard with my friend Jeff and his 95/650 refractor and the 14" DobStuff with Zambuto mirror.  It made for  fun night after I called my neighbor behind us whose kids had been going into their backyard and never made it and they turned off their porch light. I saw pink in the M57 tonight and Jeff saw red in the structure of the ring.  I'll be heading out one night this week for an evening of observing at the Pit n Pole since we are back on Standard Time.