Utah Star Party, Vernon and Silver Sage Cafe and Store

The Utah Star Party first annual event is going to take place come Thursday, October 3rd through Saturday, October 5th, 2013.  Next year we may keep the same location or we may move it to southern Utah so more people from there can attend and I am hoping to secure a National Park or Monument to hold it in. If that happens then we'd do one night of public outreach and 3 nights of observing.

So one question I have gotten is what services are available in Vernon? Not much really but there is a small cafe and store called the Silver Sage that is open there.  Here are a couple of pictures of the shop and cafe. Notice that the pictures are two years old but look at the prices for breakfast and lunch/dinner! The person who posted these pictures says that he and his family always stop there for a wonderful mean for a great price that leaves you filled but wanting more, it is that good. Now with my Celiac disease I can't eat there so perhaps some will give them a try.  They are about 7 miles or so from the observing area.

Click on the images to see larger versions.  Also you can get drinks there and lots of stuff.  It is right on the main highway, State Road or SR 36 as you leave Vernon and SR36 wraps and turns east right before the Benmore/Vernon Reservoir turnout you turn right on to get out to the observing area.  So you can get grub out there.

In terms of toilets there will be the ones at the Vernon Reservoir and then a couple of portable toliets with the double bag on them that you close up in case you really have to go. The toilets will be protected by my old light panels and no, you cannot see through those. We'll have a shower available but you have to supply the 5 gallons of water if you want to use it (yes, you step in and now one can see you, its private).  Food and water and drink is on your own, please no alcohol. I am really excited and hoping the weather is really good that weekend and lots of images and observing is done! Feel free to come out even if you can only stay for one night, it will be a really good time. I am looking forward to spending time with my friends Mat, Jorge, Jeff and others who will be out there on the Forest Land. Bring something to boil water and make something hot to drink, it will get cold out there at night!

Here is a link to a cute story on the Silver Sage done by the Salt Lake Tribune in 2005.  I can say that I have never seen a . . .  no never mind. Here are some more images.

Here is what the Silver Sage looks like, even today. Yep, that's Ice and a gas pump. 

Serving up a Chili Verde Burito. Yep, good food, good prices. Note, I haven't been in the cafe so I am going off what other have reported here. 

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  1. Anonymous8/29/2013

    Ahh, now I understand the sunburn you had a few years ago, Jay! :)