New Eyepiece Case

A couple of weeks ago I was in Wally World, not a place I frequent but I needed some camping supplied for the Utah Star Party and that was the closet location.  Well there I noticed they had a new Plano Pistol case with four sturdy clamps, two that lock (the front two).  It is deeper and bigger than the old Plano cases I had been using and more trusting in holding my Pentax and Televue eyepieces.  So I picked it up.  The price tag said $24.99 but it rang up for $41.99, the regular price. However since it was marked that way, they gave it to me for the $24.99 price, lucky me!  So here is a review of it before I put the eyepieces in it. 

Above you can see the case on an old observing chair that has been relegated to use with my refractor.  You can see the locking front clamps here and the nice yellow handle.

Here you can see the one of the two side clamping locks.  The upper clamp has to fit correctly, and then you can snap the bottom yellow one in place. To release you hit the yellow button, pull down and then up.  Very sturdy, very strong.

Here is the other side, the right one with the other clamp that locks securely into place.

I have undone the side locks in the above picture and am starting to undo the front ones.

Here is the case open up.  The egg carton foam is in the top and there are two layers of pluck foam. I only needed one so I have kept the other to use. 

Here you can see the two pluck foams in the above shot.

This is how I used the case now.  One pluck foam and the egg cartoon foam.  This case now holds my Pentax 20mm, 14mm, 10mm, 7mm, 5mm XW eyepieces. It also holds my 17mm and 12mm Televue Delos and my 27mm Panoptic.  Is it perfect? Probably not but it is sturdy, locks really well in place, is a good size and holds my important eyepieces. So if you want a cheaper alternative to more expensive cases check this out at your local Walmart. Warning. This will go away when hunting season ends.

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  1. That a nice case at an even nicer price! Even at $42 it's still a good buy. How about shot with the eyepieces nicely tucked in?