Lunt LS35THADX DELUXE Solar Telescope

I ordered this scope back in January and it finally arrived this last Wednesday, April 30th, 2014. A three month wait.  I just noticed that Lunt is also selling a 50mm solar scope that is coming out in June of 2014 and if I had known that and the wait, I think I would have waited to get that for the larger aperture. Outside of being billed and the wait time for the scope, I have not complaints.

The scope is small as you can see in these pictures. I have it mounted on my Explore Scientific Twilight mount.

I've used the scope in the backyard and once in the front yard for a total of three times. I really like the ease of alignment that the Tele-Vue Sol Searcher provides in terms of being to align the Sun to the eyepiece quickly. It took me a few minutes to figure how to put the rings on so that the dovetail would work on the mount.  The mount works great with this scope.  The build on the LS35 is solid, built to last and though small, it is fine with my Delos and Pentax XW eyepieces.  I start by using the 20mm Pentax XW as the finder, and I did find that I have had to adjust my eye to the field stop to get the Sun to pop. Once that adjustment was made the Sun showed beautifully in a red to reddish orange color.  There were several prominences that were vivid, wrapping up and curling around and two groups of sun spots that were visible. I like how I can observe for a while and then do something, come back in an hour and align and observe any changes. I need to pick up solar sketching so I need to figure out what I need to do that. Probably a template to use and then I have the materials I need. I'll see what Erika Rix has to say on it as she is a well known solar sketcher.

So there we go. I can now observe both day and night.  It is addicting I will say that! I am glad I have the 35mm and it will serve nicely and was $200 to $250 cheaper than the 50mm.  Do expect a wait though when your order and Lunt states that on their website.

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