An Update of Observing Sites

Well, I haven't had time to do much with Astronomy for the last month.  I am getting out on my back porch with my 4 inch refractor and am going to try to get some sketching time in as I think that may be the best I can do. Seems to be clear around full moon, and cloudy at new moon. We'll see how this works this weekend for the first of two new moon periods.

I did get out and take some pictures of what the current observing sites look like in the West Desert.  Here are these pictures.

All comments go to the picture above them: This is the Faust/Pony Express Road that was graveled over. Nice and clear. I drove 55mph on it easily in my Subaru Outback. 

Stopped on the Faust/Pony Express Road. No mud, nice and dry and able to go 55mph to 65mph. 

Another shot of the road and the mountains in the distance. Smog wasn't too bad out here on Friday afternoon. 

Just showing the clarity towards the North-West

Snow on the side, about 3 to 5 inches that is melting. Muddy off the main road. 

Open area to the south right off the Faust/Pony Express Road and yep, snow still not melted there. 

Smog towards the Sheeprocks. 

This is PR 3 or the road that you take up to Pit n Pole. Just at the top the road is covered with snow. Weird, someone had put a rope across the entryway looking like at one point they had roped off the entrance. Kinda of dangerous if an ATVer comes by. 

The road up heading toward the railroad crossing. Nice and dry. 

Same as above. 

Coming into Vernon

Vernon above. 

More of Vernon. 

Sheeprock Mountains in the distance; Vernon Ranch up front. 

Entrance to the Vernon Reservoir and FR006 Site 1 Owl's Roost. It was very snowy, very muddy. I didn't go down FR006 as I had the Outback not the Pathfinder. It was rather wet from the melting snow. 

May have to change the name to Eagle's Roost . . . . Yep a bald eagle on the fence. 

Sheeprock Mountains from one of the cattle guards. 

Sheeprock Mountains as I am leaving. 

Mount Timpanogos in the distance from 5 Mile Pass. 

Mount Timpanogas zoomed in from 5 Mile Pass. 

Not sure on location; either to Pit n Pole or 5 Mile Pass. 

Same as above; closer in. 

PR 3 leading to Pit n Pole location. 

PR 3 leading to Pit n Pole Site, Zoomed. 

Mount Timpanogos from PR 3 entrance, zoomed. 

Faust/Pony Express Road with Mt. Timp and very wet and muddy off road. 

Here is the road leading to the 5 Mile Pass Site. It was muddy, wet, and my AWD did kick in several times. 

Here is the road leading to the 5 Mile Pass Site. It was muddy, wet, and my AWD did kick in several times. 

Here is the road leading to the 5 Mile Pass Site. It was muddy, wet, and my AWD did kick in several times. 

5 Mile Pass Road to Observing site. 

5 Mile Pass road to observing site. 

Mount Timpanogos again. 

My take away from my little drive and it was necessary for a business transaction is that I wouldn't go off road out there right now unless you have AWD, high clearance and/or 4wd.   So that may mean I may look at going up by Solider Hollow to observe or Tribble Creek Reservoir.  We'll see. I will have to see what conditions are like and weather of course.  I wish the snow was gone in the desert!