Getting Older, Habits, Changes . . . and Astronomy

I have been out twice in the last week so I will be posting some observing reports sometime in the next several days! Yeah!  I just wish the weather was going to cooperate over the next couple of days while I am off for spring break. Alas, it isn't.  Well maybe the refractor will be a go in the backyard. I was hoping for one more night of good observing on my list I am working.

One thing I have to say that I've noticed as I get older is the sins of our youth catch up with us as we get into middle age and beyond. I have reached a point in my life where I have to lose weight. Yep, I am a rather big guy, a combo of bad lifestyle choices and genetics. I will never be a slim Jim so to speak. However, I am going to have to get real serious and lose some weight to stop some major issues from developing. My heart is slightly enlarged, the beginning of heart disease and related to higher blood pressure. To correct means diet modification, exercise and a blood pressure pill. My goal is to lost a total of 100lbs in 20lb increments over the next 18 months.  I want the weight to stay off. How? I eat a healthy diet, since my celiac disease demands that, fruit for breakfast, fruit and veggies for lunch with some protein, a normal dinner (I have hadto change my portion sizes at dinner though) but I have not really given up soda, Powerade or Gatorade. The sugar drinks have to go my doctor say. I love cold water so that shouldn't be a problem.

Next, is my weight has caused my knees to begin to have minor arthritis in them. I can reverse this through exercise and losing weight so there is another reason to do so. I suffer from sleep apena and the hope is as I lose weight that will lessen to where I hopefully don't need to sleep with a mask.

So how do all these things deal with astronomy? Well, I figure my choices are to keep my habits, bad as they are and let my knees go bad and heart go bad and perhaps lose the one thing I really love about the hobby, going to the dark sites that are so close to where I live.  Second, modify my habits so  lose weight and continue to enjoy the aspects of the hobby I love, going to dark sites.  Last, sell everything off, accept that I refuse to change and leave it at that.  Well of the options the only one that makes sense to me, is the second one, to modify and change my habits so I am healthy and can enjoy the things I can do. Luckily for me, we have a new elliptical we bought for this purpose, since due to a long time knee injury and a very bad back injury, I cannot run or bike, the two exercises I did in my youth.

So I guess from this I have learned that keeping one's body physically up is very important in this hobby. If I want to enjoy what I love about this hobby, then I will make changes. So I am going public on the blog to express that I am going to do that, to post from time to time how my progress is going so I can be accountable to someone, and hopefully gain some support.  Here's to starting to make changes so my wife, my adult children, my future grand-children, and my love and enjoyment of this hobby can continue for a long time. Cheers and thanks for enduring this post.