Comets, Asteroids Oh My!

Well another post over at my new blog. Still trying to decide if I want to migrate this one over there or keep this one and get rid of that one. The interface on Weebly is easier to use I believe so we'll see.  The latest post is about a program I saw on PBS News Hours on chasing down comets and asteroids, some info on that and about Robert E. Holmes hunt for NEO's and the dedication of his 50" telescope. Here is the LINK and then the url:

Curious, if you live in the Salt Lake area. Yesterday while driving home with my wife Lynda, we saw an explosion or bright light out west. I then pulled over when I saw this trail, and it wasn't a contrail. Contrails around 6:00pm or 6:30pm were much longer and much straighter so I am thinking I might have seen a Bodie as it came in over the west desert.  This was taken with my iPhone 5S zoomed in to maximum. Here is the image: