New Cot for Camping Over

Not a long post here but I have purchased and am using the Cablea's XL Cot for when I camp over and wish to be in a tent and not sleeping in the back of the Outback.  The cot is very tough, large enough to carry and hold me even after a 74lb weight loss so far, and I love that it is wide.  No sense of falling off when I am laying on it.  It comes with a pivot arm to get the last cross beam into place and it really does work like a charm. Having said that, I did need to use a 14" by 1/2" wooden dowel of oak to get the second to last cross beam to sit into place. As I have used it the material has stretched slightly and I no longer need to use that wooden dowel.  The cot is 85" x 40" x 20-1/2" when full assembled and is so very comfortable. With my memory foam pad, an air pad under that and my bag on top of all of that, I sleep as well as I do at home. Something very important if one is out at a dark site for several days and needs to keep their sleep up so they can observe at night without being fatigue. I had thought of owning one of these several years ago, but put it off and now I wish I never had. Your up off the ground so any cold from the ground does not get into your sleeping bag/pad,  When done, it folds up to 42" x 13.5" x 7" and fits into its accompanying bag EASY. Those who know me know how I hate bags and putting things in them, but this one is so easy even I can manage it with ease.  So here are some pictures of the cot in my garage and if your looking for something to increase comfort as your middle age like me and have grown tired of the ground, I HIGHLY recommend this cot.

Also here is the video from Cabela's on how to put this together. It really is as easy as they show.

Cabela's Video on Setup of XL Cot


New Board

Well, I am still here and I am just heading out for a evening of winter observing. Cold here but man oh man am I ready!  Before I headed out I wanted to let you know that I made a free forum for those interested in posting at this link:

or here is a LINK.

Please head over and take a look. If there is a forum you would like to have added, drop me an email or PM at the site and I can add it.  I have some more ideas for it but will wait to see what the response it.  It is called Astronomy for All.  Main tenant is no political or religious discussions, I will ban for that at a drop of a hat as those discussions lead no where positive. Treat others as you would want to be treated and that means with respect and caring.  Keep the discussions non-threatening or what I call non-bullying and all should be good. Well, I have to run, more later.