Night Skies at Wolf Creek Pass, Utah

     There is an observing spot in the Unitas Mountains at around 9980 feet called Wolf Creek Pass. If you search my blog, you'll find posts about it, especially when I was using the Orion XX14i.  The western view is impacted by the night glow from the Salt Lake Valley and metro area, but the southern and eastern views are fantastic. The northern view is good, but the tree line impacts it just a touch.  So my friend Erwin who I met at FR006 Site 1 just over a week ago, went up on June 24th, 2015 and took these pictures.  They truly show the magic of this place. I think in July, if I get the time (starting a new job in July) I am going to go up to Wolf Creek Pass for a night or two of observing.  Here are the wonderful pictures, enjoy them!

Above you can see the Milky Way rising above the trees at Wolf Creek Pass. This would be looking south to southeast.  Wonderful dark lanes are shown and other structure. 

Later the Milky Way near Zenith at Wolf Creek Pass. 

Milky Way rising in panorama view from Wolf Creek Pass. 

Star field and meteor streaking at Wolf Creek Pass. Pink is either the sun setting or the light pollution from the Salt Lake Valley.  I want to thank Erwin again for sharing these with me and I hope you each enjoy viewing them. Hope to see some of you there soon! 

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