Planetary Nebula in Messier 7 in Scorpius

     It has been a while since I posted this, so I thought with M7 being nicely placed in the sky, this is a good time of the year to do so. Here is a LINK to an image of one of the PN in Messier 7 (you can try to use the finder chart and identify which one it is if you want) that Michael Sidonio took in 2012.  I do not remember where I found this, so all I can do is state that I did not create this. I believe I got off a post in CloudyNights. Here you find a LINK to a copy of a finder chart on my Google Drive for the planetary nebula in Messier 7, an open cluster in Scorpius.  The link should work if you have it which you do, and want to get a copy. Sue French covered 3 of those listed in her July 2004 Deep Sky Wonders column called Stung by Wonder.  That article can be found in her wonderful Deep Sky Wonders Book on page 157 if I remember right, might be 158,  that came out in 2011 (proud owner of a field and office copy!).  Sue uses the name Cannon 2-1 or PN G356.2-04.4 for the PN labeled Henize 2-303.  For the PN on the chart labeled Henize 2-295 she has that labeled as Minkowski --30 or PN G355.9-04.2 and one she cannot confirm as actually haven seen.  The third PN on the chart, Sanduleal 2-253 Sue has labeled as Hoffleit 2-1 or PN G355.4-04.0.  These are fun to track down one evening out at a dark site and I did this several years ago testing the 14" when I had just received it. Then it dawned on me that no one has sketched these so hopefully, either in August or next July (2016) I will remember to take on the challenge.  Here is what the finder chart looks like also.


     Curious about Planetary Nebula? They are often very beautiful and for some, you can see color in them visually.  Here is the Wikipedia article on them LINK.  What to see how the Hubble Space Telescope has seen some of these wonderful objects and perhaps get an idea of a few you may want to hunt down? Here is a LINK to the Hubble Planetary Nebula Images. 

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