Two Albums Related to Observing

          In my October 25th, 2010 post (LINK), I reviewed a CD I found at the Salt Lake County Library called the Constellations. In another post I reviewed Bruce Lazarus' fine work on the Messier objects called Messier Catalogue of Star Clusters and Nebula. which you can get for $9.99 from the iTunes store. Well worth the cost and very enjoyable. I often listen to the Messier Catalogue by Bruce while observing when I am alone. It enhances my views of the night and relaxes me while I am observing. Yes, I love the quiet of the night, but sometimes I want some music to play when out alone. Here is a LINK to it's web page and you can listen to parts of  the songs while see a Hubble image of the item here LINK.  I don't earn a penny from Bruce for promoting his work here, but if you like amateur astronomy and classical/new age type music this is well worth the $10.00 to have a copy of it! Here is what the album looks like:

     I also found another gem from a group that I really enjoy, Mannheim Steamroller by Chip Davis. The album is The Music of the Spheres which is about $10.00 at Amazon (add shipping for a CD) or from iTunes (Amazon LINK). Over on YouTube you can listen to the album prior to purchasing at this LINK. It is very typical for Mannheim Steamroller, and I love both the new renditions/versions of some of the songs, and the new original songs.  Again, an album I purchased now and will be listening to when I want something upbeat and space related out in the desert. I love the opening song, Escape from the Atmosphere and the Shuttle Discovery recorded launch in the background here. I'd love to see the music put to video of the launch!  Here is what that album cover looks like:

     So if your wanting to look for some space related music, that is upbeat, relaxing, and enjoying here are two wonderful option! Now, my next post will be on sketching; a journey of discovery. I am gathering up the sketches I want to use and organizing them so that should come up shortly!

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