New video from Alexander Massey on the Mellish Method of Sketching

If you haven't seen or viewed Alexander Massey's sketching tutorial on YouTube, you should do that ASAP.  Alex gives a wonderful presentation and your able to watch as he demonastrates the techniques he uses to obtain such faboulous sketches. One thing I learned is I over think my sketching and need to think in more simple terms. Anyway, here is his video and check out his blog at  Here is the LINK to his blog.  Below is the video if you want to view it!

Also, if you haven't had a chance, take a look at Gondwana Telescopes at this LINK. Alex has some wonderful dob designs and other items that are terrific and I recommend checking out. If you ATM you may get a few ideas or if your in the market for a scope, he may interest you (if your down under but you could contact him if your in the States I am sure).  


  1. Super helpful! I have been trying to find a good easy-to-follow technique to this. Currently I do regular pencil on sketchpad and then invert the image. This method seems to be much more simple and true to view. This method does however seem lacking when color accents need to be added.

  2. Jay, thank you for posting my video on you blog, and for mentioning Gondwana Telescopes. There will be one of my creations on its way to New York shortly too.

    Kenneth, this is the first of a few videos on sketching that I will be making. This first video is just on the basics of the Mellish Technique. Colour is one advanced topic I will cover soon - it is also easy to do, but requires more restraint as colour seen through the eyepiece can be very subtle. Colour can also add some incredible punch to a sketch too. To have put the colour aspect would have made the video too long. By having an option to go onto colour and other topics gives viewers the information that they need as they need it.

    1. Thanks for the info, looking forward to further videos!