Tele Vue DeLite 7mm & 11mm Review

Well, I broke down and purchased these two eyepieces for my eyepiece collection.  I have to say I was skeptical with a 62 degree FOV, but after using them in my refactors and in my two dobs now, I am sold.  For me the FOV is not that big of a deal because they are sharp across the board to the outer edge for me and in my scopes.  They are comfortable to observe with an the adjustable eye guard that locks into place for someone who prefers to wear glasses when they observe. They are light weight, another boon, I did not feel them in my pocket when I was observing. Just like in my pocket, where I did not feel their weight, they offered comfort at the focuser and this meant that I focused on my object, not on the eyepiece.   

I purchased the 7mm and then the 11mm and I may get one more higher power when they come out in June. We'll see.  I missed the sale that starts May 1st, but I didn't really care, I still got a great price with a discount on them from Astronomics. Quick shipping, their communication has VASTLY improved on when the item ships, the tracking number and thus I knew when it was arriving.  These have sealed the fate on the Explore Scientific 20mm 100 degree and the 9mm 100 degree eyepieces I have in my case. I don't like pushing my eye into the eyepiece to view so those just don't work for me. After the ES sale ends on May 1st, up they will go on sale.  

Views through these are neutral and don't add false color.  They are a pleasure to use, they are keepers, a welcome addition to my Tele Vue Delos and my beloved Pentax XW's.  Build is tremendous, no issues as would be expected from a Tele Vue eyepiece, easy to use, great eye relief. My only compliant, and I WANT TELE VUE to please change their eyepiece lids. Again, here, mine come off easily after you remove them the first time, and they sit slanted after you put them on correctly, one side lifts up.  I just don't like Tele Vue's eye cup lids.  Over 5/5 stars, perhaps a slight ding, - .25 so a 4.75/5 for me.  Here are my pics of them. 

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