Solar Observation and Sketch February 21st, 2016

     Well, with my schedule and the weather, I had an hour or so today and I took out my Lunt LS-35 Hydrogen Alpha (Solar) Scope for a view of Sol, our nearest star of course. First, I haven't solar sketched in some time and I am happy with all the details save the prominence at 3:00 on the sketch. Oh well, live and learn.  Prominences were big today and seemed to be in clusters of two or three.  The one between 12:00 o'clock and 1:00 o'clock was fading during my observation but it almost looked like it had looped.  So here is the sketch.

Again, very happy with the details minus the one just above 3:00 o'clock. I should have refined it but overall, I left it as this is what I saw in the Lunt LS35 with a 10mm Pentax XW.  Conditions were clear, mild at 55 degrees F and time was 4:00pm MST.  I look forward to doing more solar sketches and improving on them. They are fun to  do!