Jorge's Pics of Winter Sky at Pit n Pole Feb 16th, 2017

Well, I am being kinda of bad here and sharing some pictures that my friend Jorge took from out at Pit n Pole last night.  I had some meetings I had to attend last night so the best I got was in the backyard with the 4" refractor. That's okay though.  Anyway, these were taken by my friend Jorge and they show the Winter Sky at the observing location Pit n Pole.  The snow is gone, the road are dry for the most part, but I am sure it is a little dewy out there since the Pit is always dewy this time of the year. I know my observing spot down is at 35 degrees with 50 percent humidity so much better than the Pit, but much farther out. Roads are dry with 4x4 or ATV's having cause winter ruts in the dirt roads out there from playing this winter.  Here are these incredible shots by Jorge!

The two above show the Winter Milky Way and many wonderful winter objects, some that I labeled in the bottom shot.  

A closer shot above of Orion's Belt and Sword region. 

Orion's Belt and Messier 42, the Orion Nebula and Messier 43. 

Jorge driving out from the Pit n Pole. Road is dray and good! Last night was probably the last good night, with the moon rising at 11:05pm. That would have given a good 5 hours of observing if you or I had gone out early yesterday afternoon, set up and was ready when it got dark. Sometimes you just have to do that! 

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