Saw Jupiter during the day

     I have read and listened to others discuss how they can see naked-eye some of the major planets during the day. I personally have done this with Venus but never with Jupiter or Saturn. Well, it helps if you have a large, extremely large celestial object to help you find it and on Wednesday, I have the waning gibbous moon to help me out.

I had gone to work at 7:00am at a local high school to help a teacher who is learning Google Classroom and at 8:05am I had to go to my car to get my Chromebook. While walking, and in truth, without thinking about it except that I had seen where Jupiter was located in position to the moon at 5:30am when I took our dog out, I looked up and then down and to the left and what to my wondering eyes did appear? Nope not a sleigh pulled by reindeer with a fat jolly old elf, we are past that now, far past that, but I saw the sharp reflection of light off a planet, a star like reflection that held steady.  I looked away, and then back and sure enough I quickly located Jupiter and held it. In this case averted vision would lose it, you had to use direct vision. I did it again a few times when a friend an Assistant Principal came walking by during his sweep of the parking lot with student, and asked me what I was being weird about. I told him, showed him where to look and nope, his 47 year old eyes couldn't locate it.  The 17 year old student easily captured it and thought it was cool he could see Jupiter during the day.  I chalk my experience up to knowing where to look, and the fact the Sun wasn't that high up in the sky, Jupiter and the Moon were lower in the sky and conditions for seeing were really good.

So next time you know where to look, in the early morning as the Sun is climbing in the sky, see if you can spot one of our major planets that stays in the sky after sunrise. You just may surprise yourself like I did.


  1. Just read a lovely article about a talented teacher and his astronomical sketches - would that be you Jay? :)

  2. :) Yepper, that be me.