Remember the Transit of Mercury on May 9th, 2016

     In August we will have the wonderful opportunity in the United States to observe an eclipse of the Sun.  Many are anticipating this event and in truth, it will come up fast and past equally as fast. Last May we got to experience the transit of Mercury last May 9th, 2016.  Transits of Mercury occur in either May or in November. The next transit of Mercury that we will see is on November 11th, 2019 and for us in the Western U.S. that transit will already be occurring when it comes into view of our solar telescopes. The next May transit of Mercury will occur on May 7th, 2049 which for me, will make me 84. I may or most likely will not be around for that (though I hope I am).  Here is a sketch from that transit to enjoy. It was made with my Lunt Solar Scope and a warning to NEVER look at the Sun without the proper protection or equipment, NEVER!

This was done in my Lunt LS35s with a 20mm Pentax XW.

The two above are done in the same solar scope, Lunt LS35s with a 10mm Pentax XW.  The top one is the sketch the bottom is the digital process in GIMP.  You can decide which you prefer and that will be the basis for my next post. 

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