Time to End?

     Sometimes in life, as we journey, we have to consider where we are going, what we are doing and why. Now, I am not ending observing, nor am I ending going out year round in the cold, damp and mud of winter, or the hot, heat and dry conditions of summer or the dew of fall and spring and using my telescopes to continue to explore the night sky. That I love, that is a part of who I am and yep, it will continue.

     I am thinking it may be time to end the blog and as I am moving my sketches online to a Web Page, adding my observing notes there.  That would mean an end to this blog and perhaps my online presence would move to just being forgotten as I continue to observe alone and find joy in that.  So I'll leave it up to those who visit the site. I would leave the site up, for now, as a reference but create a page on my sketching web page for my observing notes and announcements. I would leave the blog up as a reference until less than 10 are coming to it a day.  In truth, a no response will tell me as much as a no response as I question if anyone finds this of interest. I'll use a Google Form to conduct the survey.

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