Some recent Sketches From November New Moon Period

In November I managed to get out on a Friday night to observe. These were at FR006 Juniper Grove Observing location and sorry, it was dark when I got there so no pictures. It was mild that night, around 44 degrees F and that fell down to around 26 degrees F when I got done. I visited some old friends that night and here is what I got. 

1. M1 The Crab Nebula. November 17th, 2017 FR006 Juniper Grove: Antoniadi I; 17.5" dob with 10mm & 5mm Pentax XW. Paracorr Type II. 

Messier 1 showed to me good structure in the 17.5" dob.  A slight brightening in the center was observed and my UHC filter brought out structure on the edge and on the center. My OIII brought out what appeared to me as filament structure.  A fun observation tonight, getting the most out of my mirror, my eyepieces and the structure of the object. 

2.  It's been awhile since I sketched an open cluster so tonight I hopped over the Messier 46 and captured the planetary nebula there NGC 2438 which is round in nature and more ring like to me.

NGC 2438 and Messier 46.  November 17th, 2017. FR006 Juniper Grove; Antoniadi I; 17.5" dob with 10mm Pentax XW, 22mmT4 Nagler and 26mm Nagler T5 with Paracorr Type II. 

3. Messier 74 a Face on Spiral Galaxy; November 17th, 2017, FR006 Juniper Grove; Antoniadi I, 17.5" dob with 7mm, 10mm Pentax XW and 22mmT4  Nagler, Paracorr Type II.  

I love observing this object and its been about 4 years I believe since I last saw it. Spiral structure was easily observed at high magnificaion and even in the 22mmT4 Nagler, I made out easily spiral structure.  Again, just a fun galaxy to study. 

4. Messier 103, Open Cluster.  November 17th, 2017, FR006 Juniper Grove; Antoniadi I, 17.5" dob with 10mm Pentax XW and 20mm Pentax XW and 22mmT4Nagler with Paracorr Type II. 

Again, doing some open cluster work this night and here I used colored pastel pencils to place the stars and their colors and focused on blue and orange as my colors. I enhanced these images in GIMPa and their colors, and in the bottom one, added the dazzle affect to try to recreate how this wonderful open cluster looked at the eyepiece. 

5. Messier 15, Globular Cluster, November 17th, 2017; FR006 Juniper Grove, Antoniadi I, 17.5" dob, with 7mm, 10mm Pentax XW and 22mmT4 Nagler. Paracorr Type II. 

I have never been happy, and still am not with my sketching of Globular clusters. This is improving and I realized that I need to vary my star size and make more of my stars fainter and some more brighter to get that 3D affect.  Overall not a bad view and I did again for the second time, capture Pease 1 the PN in Messier 15 and that took up a good share of time.  More on that in another post perhaps, but I was pleased to successful have found and observed Pease 1 again. 

6. NGC 1360 The Robin's Egg Nebula.  November 17th, 2017; FR006 Juniper Grove; Antoniadi I; 17.5" dob with 5mm, 7mm, 10mm Pentax XW and the 22mm T4 Nagler as the finder.  Paracorr Type II also. 

Two versions of the is planetary nebula. The first one is my finished version with color added in to it and really reflects what I saw in the eyepiece. The bottom one was the sketch without color, and it also gives a really good affect of what you see on this object as well. 

7. NGC 1055 edge on Spiral Galaxy in Cetus. November 17th, 2017, FR006 Juniper Grove; Antoniadi I; 17.5" dob with 10mm Pentax XW and 7mm Pentax XW, with 22mmT4Nagler and Type II Paracorr.  

NGC 1055 Galaxy in Cetus. It has been 7 years since i visited this galaxy and this time the larger aperture and darker skies than those of Pit n Pole showed and revealed more. The dust lanes are more evident in the sketch than in my observation, I could tell and see they were there Did this one digitally and again, I like my original sketch better.  

8. NGC 869 & NGC 884, the Double Cluster; November 17th, 2017; FR006 Juniper Grove; Antoniadi I; 17.5" dob with 22mmT4Nagler & 26mm T5 Nagler with Type II Paracorr. 

It has been over 10 years since i tried to sketch the Double Cluster and tonight, I figured why not. The first sketch is the sketch I did while at the eyepiece, and the one below it, I tried to cross the brighter stars which isn't realistic since my 17.5" dob has a curved vane, not a traditional 4 cross vane on its spider. Oh well, a little fun. The top sketch I prefer anyway. 

9. NGC 7662 The Blue Snowball, a Planetary Nebula. November 17th, 2017; FR006 Juniper Grove, Antoniadi I; 17.5" dob with 10mm & 5mm Pentax XW and Paracorr Type II.  

The blue snowball really showed itself tonight and the color was evident. I tried both a OIII and UHC Narrowband filter and they brought out more of the shape or dimmed it and showed a hint of the outer shell, but the dark site and larger dob brought out the best view without a filter. I always enjoy this object. 

10. NGC 256 The Skull Nebula, a Planetary Nebula; November 17th, 2017; FR006 Juniper Grove; Antoniadi I; 17.5" dob with 10mm & 14mm Pentax XW, 22mmT4 Nagler and Paracorr Type II; OIII and Narrowband Filters by 1000 Oaks and DGM.  

Fantastic object this night! Central star was easily observed and the PN seems to have a brighter out edge with a lot of fainter material in the central region by the star.  Some parts of the central region showed no structure or evidence of structure.  This is a large Planetary Nebula that is about 6 light years across and easy to pass by if your not sure what your looking for or for faint DSO's.  Fun object to play and tease with. Tried my OIII which brought out some structure and my DGM and 1000's Oaks Narrowband which dimmed it, but brought out some of the brighter portions. 

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