Website for my Sketches

     Well I have started on a new campaign of uploading all my sketches by classifications to a website. I am using Wix and to be truthful, it is free but if you go you will see a banner at the bottom of the page and one in the upper right saying this site is made by Wix and Try it for free.  They want like $10 a month to take those banners away and it won't happen. I'll probably migrate it to Wordpress in the coming days. Until then if you want to take a look at a work in progress, go to this site at or here is the Link  and you can see the sketches I have uploaded so far. They are basically classified as Galaxies, Planetary Nebula, Nebula, Globular Clusters, Double Stars, Lunar, Planetary, Solar etc.  I have uploaded a start of my sketches, but have a long way to go and need to clean up the duplicates that have sneaked into the page. But it will give you a feeling for what I am trying to document with my sketching since 2007 or so.  Here is what you'll see when you go there and under the Jay in Utah Astro Sketches are the classification areas that hold the sketches.