April Double Stars

Well, I guess I have discovered another interest in the night sky, one that I can do in my backyard quite nicely with the moon. I have observed double stars before and I find that I enjoy them, but of late, with the weather robbing me of many dark site trips and deep sky observing, I've learned to take what the sky and more importantly, what mother nature provides. So I have been observing double stars and will record some of the more colorful or interesting ones. So here are the ones of late.

Observations are done in my backyard, or at 5 Mile Pass. My backyard is SQM 19.6 and 5 Mile Pass is at SQM 20.8.  Antoniadi II on these observations and I used my AR102, my 14" dob with its Zambuto mirror.  A 22mm T4 Nagler was the finder, and I used the 7mm and 5mm Pentax XW as my eyepieces and they showed wonderfully with these objects. Information is on the sketch and they are not posted in order of observing. Observing these made me think of my friend Alan.  He is a double star master!