Sometimes the Monsoon Gets You

Well, sometimes in life, things just come together that stop you from observing. Two weeks ago tomorrow (Tuesday) I was at the University of Utah with some teachers that I teach and work with to learn about technology and education. I was walking from the South Campus Trax Station to the Marriott Library going down some cement stairs when a stair edge crumbled, I couldn't grab unto anything and down I went. I have  a very bad left knew from a surgery that led to a major infection of the left knee when I was 18.  So I went down hard on my right knee. I laid at the bottom of the cement stairs for a couple of minutes, not being able to move or put pressure on my right leg/knee. I looked around and sure enough, students were talking by, a few professors from the look of it, and they all just ignored me, though I know a few saw me and went about their busy schedule. I got up went on the tour and by the time I got back on Trax, my knee looked like a balloon had been blown up on the inside.

Getting home we went to the doctor, x-rays were taken, MRI done but luckily, my MCL was only pulled, my patella was not cracked or shattered and the swelling was from blood bursting into two bursa sacs in my knee.  Over the next week I had to take it easy, and my right leg is extremely bruised and the ligament is slowly coming around (that will take the most time).  So I am mending but not in time for new moon.  Wouldn't have mattered anyway. This July the monsoon from Mexico is in full swing and the afternoons and evenings are cloudy, rainy and filled with thunder and lightning. No getting out for me!

In have a few items I will be sharing over the next couple of weeks, items to help in going observing but no new equipment. I am content with what I have, well, maybe the two used scopes I picked up but we'll see.  I am finding as I get older, I am now down to just a couple of observing friends who go out with me. One is my good friend Alan, who is all for spring, summer and early fall and I always enjoy having him observing with me.  Jorge is another when our schedules match and so is Shahid. I have observed with Alan for over 6 years now I believe, and Jorge for 8 or 9 years and Shahid for over 10 years. Others come and go as their schedules allow, and they are always welcome. I am thinking that come Thursday night, I am going to head out to the West Desert, probably to either Pit n Pole or a new site I have just about 4 to 5 miles west and a little south of Pit n Pole, up a little higher so it is warmer and no dew and just take my Refractors and my Mount, eyepieces and maybe my sketching stuff and just see what the refractors bring in for me. It will be an easy set up and take down and I can take a look at the moon also. This is depending on that old monsoon again!

So there you go! That is what is up in my neck of the wood!