I haven't posted in many months, in truth, I only have been out a few times since April of 2018 with my scopes.  I have had changes in my life this year and have had a health concern that has made me not be able to spend time on the hobby. I anticipate sometime in the spring or summer of 2019 to be back enjoying the hobby, perhaps once a month or so and being able to go alone.  So until then, enjoy past entries if you wish, or move to other blogs as there are some great ones there. I need to focus on me, my family and my job over the next six months.  Keep looking up and enjoying the marvels of our universe!


  1. Jay, I hope your health issue resolves itself and that you return to the hobby in the coming new year. Your contributions to the Utah astronomical community are missed. - Kurt Fisher

  2. Haven't checked your blog in a while, but I as well hope that you are doing much better and can get back out doing what you love soon.

    Best wishes & take care - Stephanie

  3. Thanks to both, June 11th I'll know.