Bad Back

Well, I have a good plan of what I want to do now I just needed my back to heal. I fell down about three stairs at home one night a couple of weeks ago and my bad back (L5/S1) really acted up. Its improved and I am ready to observe but guess what is out there now? Yep, clouds from the summer monsoon. Hopefully in the next couple of days I can get some sessions in as I start teaching next Tuesday. So stay tune! Hope you enjoyed the Perseids!


I know its about a week late etc. but here is my first digital moon sketch based on a live sketch. Rendered in GIMP.

Living in Utah has its challenges and its wonders. One of them is when the weather is good up north, you can actually get some really good seeing. Another is your only 4 to 6 hours from some of the darkest skies in the country. Now I grew up near the ocean and love it, yet in Utah there are no oceans but the mountains are beautiful! When the full moon was out I was out with the family one night working with my 16 and 15 year old on their night driving (they are learning to drive and in Utah they have to have 40 hours with 10 being at night). I had taken them out near a spot where I observe sometimes and stopped at one point and took some time to let them get their nerves back and I sketched the following image. I finally got time today to render it in GIMP.

The finally triangle things are suppose to be Cyprus bushes/trees with the moon rising in a mostly to partly cloudy sky. It's ok, close to the original but I think I like the original better, same with the moon. Once I figured out the clouds they were much easier to render digitally though.

To show you how the skies can be out in this area here is a April 1996 image taken by one of the local members of our club of Comet 1996 B2 Hyakutake: