To Sketch or To Sketch Digitally?

I have been looking lately at some beautiful sketch work that is being done by amateurs throughout the world. I have noticed that a lot of the newer sketches arrive in a digital format. For me, I guess I am a pureist and prefer to look at sketches that were done at the eyepiece using some type of artist tool. That can be graphite on white paper, it can be pastel on black paper etc.  To be honest, I prefer to actually look at sketches that others have done in person over the internet as I find that both with my own sketches and the sketches of others, digital format doesn't convey the beauty, the depth and the true capture of what is seen at the eyepiece.

So I am going to do an experiment. I am going to post some recent sketches up and their digital counterpart that I have done in the free tool called GIMP. I use to use GIMP for transforming all my sketches to try and convey what I could not convey in my sketches. You can decide which you prefer and perhaps if I am bold enough, I'll post a survey up to gather the results of the preferences of those that look at the two kinds. The Eyepiece Sketches were done at the eyepiece and using the Mellish Method of sketching. Here I go:

1. NGC 7457 a Galaxy in Pegasus.




Sketch at the Eyepiece: 

2. NGC 7023 Iris Nebula 


Sketch at the Eyepiece.

3. NGC 40 Planetary Nebula in Cepheus 

Digital Sketch GIMP

Eyepiece Sketch 

4. NGC 7769, NGC 7771, NGC 7770 Galaxies (Spiral) in Pegasus. 

Digital GIMP Sketch

Eyepiece Sketch 

Here is a link to a Google Form Survey I have made. In the first question you can decide which sketches you like by checking them. The second question lets you pick whether you prefer my digital sketches of the items made from the field sketches made at the eyepiece or if you simply prefer the sketch done at the eyepiece. Just curious on which is preferred.

Google Forum Survey LINK.

Thanks if you participate!