Pin Hole Method to observe May 20th Eclipse

Well, its late, I just got in from a wonderful, though frustrating night of observing (more on that in another post as I did a very rookie mistake tonight).  So I will sleep in and then awake, unload my Pathfinder and gather up my son and daughter and we are going to head out tomorrow afternoon.  Many thousands should be down near the center line but unlike them, I have decided for another course.  I am going to go to Beaver or Milford Utah to view this annular eclipse.  It will be off a few degrees and it will last about a minute less then the center line, but it is only 2 1/2 hours away from the Salt Lake/Utah County area.  What does this mean? We still get a pretty good view of this event, and we have a much shorter drive home.  Since I work on Monday, that is a good thing. I also think I may miss a lot of the traffic coming out of the Cedar City area.  So, that is my thinking and planning for this event.  Now, on August 21st, 2017 you can count that I will be in Idaho on the center line when that eclipse hits totality and completely blocks the sun out!

Edit:  If your in the Salt Lake City or Utah County region, I'll offer a few suggestions of places you may want to go to see this.  Down at the Gateway at the fountain they will be people there.  The buildings though will get in the way.  Dimple Dell recreation will have people there to share some views. If you want to get out a little, then Five Mile Pass would have an open view to the west, though the ATVers will probably be kicking up dust of course as they play (as they should, great spot for that).  If you go pass 5 mile pass and turn left onto the Pony Express road there are several turn offs there with a great view of the western horizon and you'll get a wonderful view of the whole event.  Pit n Pole is farther than you need to go but it also would be a good location for this event.   You can find directions out to this area located in this link on my blog with pictures.  If you go out to the West Desert make sure you take plenty to drink, especially if you have children because there are no services, no place to get drinks, no toilets (Forest Service/BLM toilets at 5 Mile Pass).  Remember, if you do not have the proper equipment then DO NOT LOOK at the sun, even during an eclipse.  It will blind you.  If you don't have the right glasses or filters then don't look at the sun, but try this alternative method.

Pin Hole Method 1  

The method above will also work with two boxes.

Pin Hole Method 2 Document

The second link above is to a document I found on the web searching Google and so I posted it in My Documents at Google to share.  The document comes from the Perkins Observatory back in Delaware and is at this link.   Scroll down to Safe Method of Viewing: Method 4 Pinhole Projections and you can download the document there.  It shows how to make a box and/or how to use two pieces of paper.  Again, DO NOT EVER look at that the sun.  Good luck.