Simeis 147 Observing Target

Simeis 147 is a Supernova Remnant that is about 7 degrees north of the Crab Nebula, and is similar in size to the Veil Nebula in Cygnus but much fainter as it is much older, about 90000 to 100,000 light years old.

Here is an excerpt from Cosmic Challenges that discusses this wonderful but hard target. I ordered a copy from Amazon this evening.

This site shows the brighter regions of Simeis 147.

It looks best to divide the this very faint object into 4 parts and to attack it that way. I will use the 20" Obsession (if the weather in Utah ever clears) and try the object in the XX14i. I'll report what I find IF I ever get to observe this winter. It does take dark skies and an OIII filter. Should be a fun and very challenging object to go after!

It doesn't look like we will be seeing the Lunar Eclipse as the forecast is for rain and snow. This is a bummer and was something I was really looking forward to. I hope some of you can see it.