Old Sketches of Doubles and 2 Galaxies NGC 7914 & 1023;

Well, I was updating records tonight since its raining and cloudy and no observing is going on from my end of things. While doing so I found some old sketches, a couple from when I was first trying sketching out. I made digital renderings of the double star sketches but thought I would include them here since it was this outing that got me hooked on going after doubles while the moon is bright in the sky. The galaxies were my first attempts at sketching those objects. You can decide what you think of them.

54 Leonis, April 6, 2009:

Iota Orionis or Hatsya:

Regulus in Leo; Alpha Leonis:

Gamma Leonis or Algieba:

Funny, I called this M37 . . . it is my first sketch of M27. You can compare it with my sketch from this year if you want. It is located here and it is digitally enhanced somewhat.

NGC 1023, one of my first galaxies I ever sketched.

NGC 7914 another of my first galaxies attempts. I was actually more proud of the fact that I was able to star hop in a light polluted zone and locate this object. THAT is what this sketch reminds me of and I can recall the crisp evening, the coolness of the air, the adjusting of the scope, the use of my RA Finderscope to located the star field and the 17mm plossl I used to find the object. That was a good night.

I know I have sketches to add and I will be doing that. Just been busy and trying other things. One of the best things of sketching is the memories it brings back. I can remember the XT8 I used for these objects. The Telrad, the finderscope, the 17mm Sirius Plossl and the thrill I felt in finding it via a star hop. Nothing fancy there, just a decent scope, a decent eyepiece, and the Pocket Sky Atlas. Sometimes I think we over complicate this hobby, or perhaps I should say I do.