Observing Session November 1st, 2010: Open Clusters in Perseus NGC 1528, NGC 1444, NGC 1545, NGC 1513, NGC 1245, NGC 1342, NGC 1027

I haven't finished process all of my sketches yet, but I have to attend my son's vocal recital this evening so I am going to post the ones I have done. I observed from home, had to deploy my light shields until around 11:00p.m. and then things got nice and dark and things started to rock. Here are my process sketches and I'll post the others later tonight or tomorrow. I may try to get out tonight as well. I went out on Tuesday night and had a good evening at a dark site, kinda of. Got kinda of sick and then got that fixed and then the U.S. Military and local law enforcement came by and we had a wonderful chat, but I had to leave. This was at a new site I have observed once at before in the desert and it is up high near a pass. It was interesting night though, I won't be using that location again, but I was home and in bed safely by 1:00a.m. Not what I had planned at all. I did get some PN's in and a couple of galaxies, but no Herschel items. That will come on Thursday night. I added NGC 1342 today to my sketches below, and I have NGC 1027 to add, but it is in my sketching case (holds my sketches after I'm done with them) and I don't want to go get it. I also need to mention that on Monday, the highlight of the night was NGC 1528, a very worthy open cluster, very beautiful. It is my last item of the night and I had to get in since packing my stuff would wake the kids who had school the next day. So I need to go back and sketch this one and I will as we move into first quarter.

NGC 1545

NGC 1513 (labeled wrong on the sketch)

NGC 1444

NGC 1245

NGC 1342

Object: NGC 1528 Open Cluster in Perseus; Date: November 2nd, 2010; Time: 12:56a.m. MDT; Conditions: Clear and Cold; Seeing: Antoniadi II; Transparency: 3/5; LVM 6.0; V. Magnitude: 6.2; Size: 18'; Instrument: xx14i: Eyepiece: 24 Panoptic and 14mm Pentax XW;
Notes: Beautiful Open Cluster!!! Very rich, well over a 100 stars evident in the field of view. Makes a fleur de lis shape as I look at the cluster as a whole. Many chains are evident with stars at various magnitudes. My star hop worked just fine that I had posted, and it is an easy one to spot. I did not sketch this because it is my last object (going to look at M42 and M31 before I head in or the night) and honestly, to do this cluster justice, it needs to be the sole sketching target for a good forty-five minutes to an hour to sketch it. I will return to this one and sketch it as the moon waxes in November and I can just set up early in the late afternoon and evening.

Here is my last sketch from that night and I am just uploading the original.