Dr. Richard Pogge New Podcast

If you've been around awhile in amateur astronomy you should be aware of two podcasts done by Dr. Richard Pogge from Ohio State University. You can find his home page here. He has two wonderful podcasts, Astronomy 161 An Introduction to Solar System Astronomy that has his lectures as a podcast located here. Dr. Pogge also did Astronomy 162 Introdcution to Stars, Galaxies and the Universe found here.

Now he has Astronomy 141 Life in the Universe; an introduction to Astrobiology. You can find that class, it's notes and the podcast links here.

Another easy way to sign up for these is to subscribe to them via the iTunes Store. They are free to subscribe and they just take the time to download. So if you have ever wanted to audit (take a university class for no credit) here are three classes that you can do that with and learn a ton. I enjoy Dr. Pogge's delivery style and feel he makes his classes appropriate for non-astronomy majors for whom he targets them to. They make great listening to in a commute via your plug to your CD/Radio player in the car, or on a commuter rail, bus or anywhere. Let's learn from an expert!
I am downloanding them right now and will listen to them while driving to and from work. Perhaps once a week I'll post a review of his lecture and one or two items I learned from them, and perhaps you can comment on them.

Sorry about no observations, the weather outside is truly frightful, around 15 degrees with snow falling. I may get a session in later this week but this weekend isn't looking good either. Seems the weather pattern is in a rut of being bad during the wanning moon and new moon stages, and then being nice and clear for the waxing gibbous, full moon and waning gibbous stages. Sigh, so many objects to view, and lately I have time in the evening but no cooperation from the skies. Here's hoping you have clear skies where you are.