Burnham's Books Hardcover for $42.00

I saw a post from the Friends of the Trinity Library on CloudyNights where they were selling Burnham's Celestial Handbook, Volumes 1 to 3 for $30.00. I contacted them initially and someone had beat me to them. About a week or two later I was contacted by the Friends and asked if I still wanted them. Having Volumes I and II in paper, I jumped at a chance to get them in hardback. I sent a money order off for the amount of $42.00, happy to know I was supporting a library cause, happy to know I was getting a three volume set in hardback I wanted, and content with the price. I'm sure someone can let me know I can get these cheaper for new, but that's alright, I am content.

I have to admit I thought these were used library copies, but they were not. They are used, but the backs of each book is in excellent shape, the pages are firm in their binding and the covers have no tears. Volume I is a rich volume and one that I have enjoyed reading in paperback. This hard bound edition will last a lot longer if not used in the field and kept in my home library for use their. Here it is:

Volume 2 is the volume in paperback that I have not been able to find and I am anxious to devour this book. It also is in wonderful shape for its age, and is a tremendous asset to my collection of books.

Here is a face on and a edge on photo of Volume II:

Volume 3 is like Volume I for me. I have the paperback and am excited to own the hardback. This frees me up to take the paperbacks on travels and trips to read. I know that Burnham's needs to be updated, but it reads beautifully. I really do enjoy the descriptions and the information there. Perhaps someday it will be updated without impact Burnham's original work or writing style. If your an amateur, I highly recommend these book to you. Now to track down that paperback Volume II!

Here is Volume III's image:

So I guess I need to get that Wolf Creek Pass observation posted in the next day or two! This week I am planning on getting in the backyard on Tuesday night to do some observing of the objects I saw at Wolf Creek Pass in mid August from my light polluted home, and then I may sneak away Wednesday night to a dark site or just the backyard (I need to see when the sun sets and the wanning moon rises) and then I'll be out on Friday and Saturday night.