Star Hops To My Next Herschel 400

I am going to try something new. I am going to post how I will star hop to my next set of Herschel Objects/Objects on my next outing. This post will be edited as I move forward and will not be inclusive. I am to the point that outside of working a list, I take a constellation that is in a good position for viewing and then open one of my Atlases to that page and I go to work on the DSO's in that constellation.

Anyway, I am going to post my first image here of my Star Maps that I printed from Starry Night Pro. The are in 3 panes or panals; one on the right side that is rather large, and two split in the middle on the left that are drawn in closer to provide more detail. Also, I printed the constellation lines so you'll see those also.

I've made dotted lines for those who are new can see the hop. You'll also find a second hop in these images. The first is one of my favorite galaxies from a dark sky location, NGC 7479. Wonderful spiral S pattern to it, good bar also. The first hop takes a newbie from Markab in the bottom right corner of Pegasus to HIP 114031 to HIP 114033 to HIP 114028 to TCY 1166-750-1 to TYC 1166-1381-1 to TYC 1166-148-1 then down to NGC 7479.
The second hop goes from 52 Pegasus to TYC 1163-243-1 to HIP 113880 to TYC 1163-376-1 to TYC 1163-451-1 and NGC 7479 is right above that last star. This is my actual star hop that I use as I find that 52 Peg at around 5.75 mag is naked eye every I observe I except at home where the finder picks it up right away. Here is the image and I'll post a link to my google docs where I'll upload the file.

If you click the map it will go larger and you can see more detail. Here is the link
for the Google Documents.

Well, I have a few more done. I made a run to the store with my daughter and after I loaded the groceries in the back she slammed the back hatch onto my left shoulder. OUCH! That hurt. Anyway, I've iced it touch and though tender and bruised pretty good, I've scanned some more charts. My plan is to go after these open clusters early in the evening as Perseus rises and then I have some objects in Eridanus and Cetus (galaxies and a revisit to NGC 1535) to go after.

NGC 1027 Open Star Cluster in Cassiopeia

I will Telrad to Eta Persei and then star hop over to HIP 13178. Next I hop over to star HIP 13347 and then to star HIP 13004. Finally I make the hop up to NGC 1027.

The next is Open Cluster NGC 1342 in Perseus. I begin by putting Atik in the Telrad and then star hoping over to Omicron Persei. Next I'll star hop over to the star 40 Persei and then up to star HIP 17129. Next hop is over to HIP 16843 and then over to HIP 16518. From here I'll make the final jump over to NGC 1342.

Next is the Open Cluster NGC 1245 located in Perseus. I'll Telrad over to Kappa Persei and from there star hop over to HIP 14871 and then to the next star, HIP 14892. Next I go to TCY 3311-921-1 and then over to the OC.

Not sure if this helps anyone but I think it shows how to plan a star hop. Realize these aren't the only way to go, they are the way my mind works so they work for me when looking at the chart. Remember if your new to this to adjust the atlas or map to what you see in the sky. I have all my maps printed, just have to label the hops and then I'll post more to this post so stay tune. Hopefully weather cooperates when the moon begins to fade!