Quick Session March 5, 2010

Well on March 5, 2010 I was able to squeeze in a quick session before I was overtaken by clouds. I checked out M42 and that area for fun, and then went to start on some Herschel items.

NGC 2204
Open Cluster in Canis Major
RA 06 h 15m
Dec -18 degrees, 10 sec
Mag: 8.6
Size: 10.0'
 03:55 UT
Seeing: II Antoniadi Scale;
LVM: 5.9
13 & 21 Stratus @ 92x & 57x
Notes: See bottom of the sketch: 

NGC 2360
Open Cluster in Canis Major
LVM: 5.9
RA 07 h 17 m 7 sec
Dec: -15 38 min
Mag: 7.2
Size: 14.0'
13mm Stratus @ 92x
03:28 UT

 Very easy to find open cluster from Sirius using the Sky Pocket Atlas, go from Sirisu to Iota Canis Majoris, then over to Muliphein. East of Muliphein is an equilateral triangle asterism. Go past that and then over to HIP 31580 which is the corner star of an inverted L asterism; the cluster is just to the east of that star.This is an easy and obvious open cluster.  There are 8th magnitude stars and possible a 7th visible with hints of stars all around wanting to come out.  There is a very bright orange star at the eastern end of the cluster. By the time I got to the end of the sketch clouds came out of no where ending this session.  The shape of the cluster is wedge shape.

Stay tune, I have more to post as I went to dark skies twice in two days and had some firsts!