June 7th 2011, XT10 View of SN2011dh

Well, not a long post. It now looks like I've gone from pneumonia to walking pneumonia. That's an improvement I guess. Truly, I am feeling better, I just have to take it easy for another week so that's good news.

On the evening of Tuesday, June 7th, 2011, as I've posted here, I went observing and saw SN2011dh through my 10 inch dob. It was harder than what I depicted in the sketch here. It was with averted vision I saw it and it looked more like a fuzzy blob though it did sharpen from time to time. Here is my sketch of what I saw:

The stars are a little brighter with direct vision but I haven't mastered making them look more like averted vision yet. Hope it helps someone trying to see the SN with a 10 inch. By the way, here is a cruel joke Mother Nature is playing on me. I decided to do some lunar observing and sketching with some doubles this month right? Yep, thought time to take what I can in terms of seeing. Well, since that decision the clouds have come back as has the rain and no observing for me. Hopefully in about a week and a half it works.