Digital Sketch of NGC 7354 and NGC 7479

Here are the digital sketches of these two items. More to come.

NGC 7479 Spiral Galaxy in Pegasus

NGC 7354 Planetary Nebula in Cepheus

NGC 1535 Planetary Nebula in Eridanus, "Cleopatra's Eye"

NGC 7635 Emission Nebula in Cassiopeia

NGC 281 Pacman Nebula. I like the original sketch of this one better.

NGC 1407 & NGC 1400. This is really close to the EP view in my opinion. I like this version.

NGC 908 Spiral Galaxy in Cetus:

NGC 1232; I need to return to this galaxy and give it more time. I was begin to speed and rush on this object to get the Herschel 400 items in I wanted/needed. I did not show the original sketch on this item. It was done in black ink.

NGC 1055 Edge on Spiral Galaxy in Cetus

NGC 1022 Barred Spiral Galaxy in Cetus

Of all my digital sketches this one seems to be a break through. By playing with the curves and other items I really feel that this image really, and I mean really matches my vision of what I saw when looking at NGC 1022 through the 14mm Pentax XW. I invite you to click this image to really take a view of it.

NGC 1052 and NGC 1035 Galaxies in Cetus

NGC 1084 Barred Spiral Galaxy in Eridanus

Again, I think I have a breakthrough for me and I really like how the last 3 galaxy digital renditions came out. Hope you enjoy viewing them.