Observing Chair Coated Seat Cover only Remains!

Well,  I have almost finished the observing chair.  I have sanded, sanded and sanded some more.  On the chair I rounded all the edges so they won't splinter or crack and I glued in the dowels that need to be glued in so they didn't move.  The only thing left on the seat to do is to glue down the foam, put the layers of foam on it and then cover the foam with a covering.  As an FYI, I hung the chair using strong string from the bar in my garage (each part) and then sprayed them.  Once they were dry I put them on the cardboard just in case.  Here are some images.  This is the chair after the first coat and it had dried pretty well.

Same as before, after the 1st coat had dried and waiting to put on the second coat and rehang each item. 

I used Miniwax Helmsman Spar (I actually had an old bottle so I used that first) urethane to seal the chair.  Five coats in all.  

 Here is the chair with the 5 coats on it, dried and everything put on it.  This is the footrest and the bottom support. 

Here is the almost entire chair dried and ready to go.  I did do a little touch up on the cardboard here on the back leg. 

Here is the bottom again, from a little bit different angle. 

 Here is the chair from the side angle with the bracket reattached.  I found an area I missed slightly on the bottom long dowel that you rest your feet on so I had to touch that up also. 

 Here is the upper part of the hand hold and the back support all dried up.

 The small grooves for the dowels and the back of the back support was not fun to spray and I had to be careful here not to miss an area.  I haven't found an area but I'm sure I will . . .

 Another view of the seat latched in and the metal piece that holds the back leg in place.  I do have to undo the metal bracket to move the chair to the highest settings. 

 Picture of the back support and back leg. 

The metail bar and the back of the groves.  Where we drilled screws I used a Red Oak putty that even though I sanded, and re-sanded it just never seemed to come out on these couple of areas.  Smooth though, the area is really smooth!

Looking down on the left side of the chair to the seat and the pins that hold the back dowels in place. 

 This is the chair as it is dried.  Looks better in person if I do say so myself.  I hope to get the seat attached this week and then to try it out this Friday in the field! Thanks again to my friend Mat's who without his help and tools, this chair would never have come to light.  My total cost is around $150.00 for the chair versus around $250 or $275 for other similar chairs.