Cloudy, Overcast and No New Views Yet

Just cloudy and last night was clear but a full moon so I haven't been out. I grow tired of the weather here and need to have my nights out. March 14th looms every increasing and I know then that my opportunity to come home and observe during the week from 6:00p.m. until 10:00 p.m. is ending. Soon it won't be dark until 8:00p.m. and that means observing from 8:00p.m. to 10:30p.m. then time to get in and get to bed for work. Here in Utah, our legislature refused to pass out of committee a bill that would have put Utah off daylight savings time like Arizona. I am hopeful in the future it will pass. 

Also, though I don't speak of my family much here, much of my time lately is taken up by supporting my wife as her father has dementia and more than likely Alzheimer disease. We will know on Thursday. My father-in-law, though having opinions, is very humble and quiet on them. He'll do anything for anyone and was a master carpenter. I would have loved to have made a scope with him building the wooden parts. He will do anything for his wife and for his family.  I will always think of him as a silent pillar, standing firm for his family. Now he is beginning the slow degrade where his memory will be taken and he doesn't know why.  I don't have much to offer him, but in my search and sketches I intend to dedicate an open cluster or a wonderful planetary nebula and sketch it in dedication to him.  Not sure which object I will choose, and would welcome suggestions based on the description. When visiting, he will always come out to look at what I am doing and take a peak at the objects. So I think I've learned something new about this hobby. As I am middle age and death will continue to creep and take those I know, love and associate with, I need to think and ponder on them as I gaze into the wonders of the universe knowing that everything cycles, and in those cycles, we can view our own, and thus should never take for granted a day in which we live. May we, each of us, regardless of our challenges maximize each day by being the best that we can be that day, no matter what that best is. Take a moment and appreciate those in your lives.  Spend time with them. Lift them up, love them and let them know and feel your love. May clear skies come to each of us and may we relish the memories of those not with us as we marvel at the wonders we look at.