Calling Sketchers: A place to share your sketches by category in one place.

     I noticed today that after 8 years, Astronomy Sketch of the Day is having to take a hiatus.  This actually saddens me because I loved going there and looking at sketches that others have done. I fully understand Jeremy's and Rich's position of the demands of the site, and the demand of posting everyday, the task in administrating the site etc. when compared to personal commitments. I also want to personally thank them for all of their efforts and work to keep ASOD going. So, to hopefully, to  fulfill a need, I am offering a site where others can post their sketches of specific objects. If I have left out an area, no biggie, I can add it, just let me know. Now there are a lot of forums that one can go to and post, but using AstronomyForAll (LINK), I have made a sketching forum where based on the object, one can share their sketches.  You do not have to submit your sketches to me, you simply post them and people can comment or not on them. I know that you will need a link to another site to post them there, I am using my online blog where I keep my sketches. There is no submitting a sketch, simply put it up and in terms of a reward, I hope the community will take care of that themselves.  The goal here is to have a depository where sketchers share their sketches of a wide variety of objects in one place.  I may ask some from time to time, to write a tutorial and share it in a category I haven't release yet called Tutorials.  So IF you want to keep submitting your sketches to one place, I propose that you can use the site I made that can help to do that. IF someone figures out how to upload directly to the site please let me and others know via a post. Hope to see some sketches posting up there soon.



Edit:  An update to this post. People are looking but no one has joined which is fine. I do hope others will use it as a place to post sketches.  I have posted a few of mine up.  There is a feature there besides replying to the post where in the upper left corner it says points with a thumbs up. If you like the sketch you can give it a thumbs up and it gains one point.  Simply put, if others like what your doing sketching wise they can put a point up to let you know. The forum will let you know the number of points you get. Feel free to reply of course and discuss with comments, but if you don't want to comment, like what someone does you can simply hit the points/thumbs up and they will know you like it.

I do not think on this forum since it is free, you can upload to it. I have had to link my pics (which is fine since I store them both on a hard drive and in the cloud).  I hope someone comments or I really hope someone will post a sketch there. I tried something similar before and yes, the site has other areas to talk about other things, but I really am hoping the sketching community will use this resource as a way to post what they are doing on specific objects, to share, receive and give feedback, and share techniques in sketching.  I hope then that others will get interested in the sketching part of the hobby.  Not trying to take away from anyone, just provide a more central location.