Random Thoughts/Images on Star Gazing, The Stars and Stuff from the Web

I found these images posting something up and will share them here on my blog.

The first one from Galileo has to do with the fact if ever I am scared when I go observing, espeically alone in the West Desert or the Mountains of Utah. I cannot lie and say I have never been scared. A car driving 20 miles down a remote dirt road at 2:00am makes me watch that car to see where they go and what they may be up to. Usually, not an issue, 99.9 times out of a 100. They drive off to do whatever it is they do at that time of the night, and mostly they don't know where I am.  Second, an animal sound I don't recognize puts me on alert until my rational brain takes over and I figure out what it is. Having several forms of support and protection ensures I feel safe though. Bottom line, though, Galileo's quote here is truly how I feel.

The next image is for those times that we all have, when life becomes difficult, spouses or companions may not be at their best, health can go bad, and we just face a myrid of difficulties. Go out and get thee to a dark site, and look up and see how the stars truly do shine for you. They will hopefully remind you that many of us are looking at that same sky, and you are not alone.  Realize that in the long term, this too shall pass and better times will return. It is also an invitation I feel to get out to a dark site and see how the stars, planets and deep sky objects are shining to you, inviting you to get out and observe them. Often to a tough time, that is some of the best medicine I know to cure hard times. 

The one below, look up and get lost is how most people feel the first time at a dark site. It is amazing and overwelming. Enjoy that experience!  See what you can see and just treasure your time when you get out to a dark site location and observe! 

One of the hardest things in life is to lose a companion, a spouse, a loved one. Similar to that is the losing of a pet, a dog that has been your lifelong companion. Be the loss a human or a dog, when Sirius is up, the brigthest star in our winter night sky, look up at it and realize it is the main star with a white dwarf companion. May that thought bring good memories back of your loved one, human or dog, and of their love to you and may that strengthen you and help you to remember all the positive and good and forget the trival and sham if you wish.  May we ensure also, that when our spouses, our companions and/or our dogs are with us, that we give them the time and attention they deserve as often they are in the background allow us to shine so bright. 

Just a bunch of fun ideas. Next up will be a review of the Farpoint UHC 1 1/4 inch filter.