Jupiter Duo Moon Shadow Transit October 23, 2010

Well, we had a significant storm move through today, dumping snow in the mountains and a good amount of rain down here. I spent this afternoon learning to grind a mirror and discussing mirror and scope building. I'm starting to build my own 12.5 inch Truss Scope for the experience of making one on my own.

Anyway, one my friend Mat and I were discussing observing also and how the weather called for an opening tonight and how we both wanted to see the duo moon shadow transit tonight. Ganymede was first, and was located in my viewing south of southern temperate belt. Europa came next and was more in the equatorial zone, perhaps more where the southern equatorial belt would be. Forgive me, as I am just getting into planetary objects and locations on them. Evident in the scope was the northern equatorial belt, the southern temperate belt with the areas under them really just a maze of brownish orange color.

I was able to observe this from about 8:05p.m. local time (02:05 UT on 10/24/2010 to 03:05 UT) to 9:05p.m. local time MDT on October 23, 2010. By 9:05p.m. the next round of clouds arrived and it was time for my son to help me break down the scope and get it in. It also was becoming very dewy. I will scan the original when I get some time.