DobStuff 14" Structure Coming Along

Dennis sent me some more photos today of the items he's gotten done.  Above you can see the upper OTA, with the spider and my Moonlight focuser attached for my new 14 inch Dobstuff Telescope that will hold my 14" Zambuto Mirror.  You can also see the mirror cover Dennis has made to cover the mirror when not in use.  The primary mirror in the field will also be protected with a dew like shield that will protect it from dust and other items on the ground.  The bottom left is the rear cell with the mirror cell attached. This is from the back end of the telescope for that image.

Here you can see the mirror cover sitting on top of the mirror cell and the upper OTA as well.  I like how the mirror box fits nicely over the mirror and cell for transport and storage.  I also have to state that I like the natural Baltic Birch color.

Here you can view the 18 point cell we are using from the XX14i with the mirror clips.  Dennis wanted me to use silicone to secure the mirror to the cell but I was very uncomfortable with that.  Everything I have read and studied said not to use silicone and that it adds astigmatism to the mirror. Dennis, assured me that is not the case and he has glued mirrors up to 23" (I have read silicone is great for 12" and under) but to reassure me Dennis is going to leave the clamps so I am comfortable.  I have to state what outstanding service! Dennis I believe really wanted to glue in the primary but he did what made me comfortable as his customer.  Now that is service!