An Offer to Learn to use a Dobonsion Telescope

I wanted to extend to anyone in the Salt Lake or Provo area an offer. If you have ever wanted to try running a dobsonion telescope from now on when I go to Pit n Pole, I am taking my 10 inch/XT10 scope with me. It has no electronics and you have to run it manually but I have an extra copy of the Sky Pocket Atlas and I'll teach you a few tricks so you can start using this scope. I'll be observing next to you just in case you have a question and in education we call this a scaffolding approach to learning. Tonight, Sunday, July 24th I'll be out at Pit n Pole and probably next weekend to (was planning on Great Basin but some family issues arose where I need to be close to home). Here is a link to directions to Pit n Pole. If you plan to take me up on this offer I would ask if you could leave a comment and let me know, but you don't have to. I'll just bring the scope no mater what.

Here are two pictures of the scope you'll use to learn on. I think if someone is interested they will really enjoy this experience.