May Herschel Targets Seasonal Planetary Nebula List

Well, I put together my list for May, though I never finished April's list. Let's hope the next two and a half weeks clear up better than the last month. I guess I should feel lucky I got in what I did!

Here is my Google Document for May. Just click on the May Target tab on the bottom:

Google Document May Targets

Here are some highlights:

NGC 4361 Planetary Nebula in Corvus. O'Meara in his book says this about NGC 4361;

"NGC 4361 is one of the finest non-Messier objects of its class."

Excited to view that.

Here's a site that shows the PN (and others with finder charts): NGC 4361 PN

NGC 4038 Irregular Barred Spiral Galaxy in Corvus that is interacting with its companion NGC 4039.

NGC 4594 or M104, The Sombrero. Always fun to look at.

NGC 4699 a Mixed Spiral Galaxy in Virgo that O'Meara describes it as "looking like a old vinyl record. He calls it the Vinyl LP Galaxy."

NGC 4665 Barred Spiral Galaxy in Virgo. O'Meara says "larger scopes may reveal a dim bar that extends north and south from the round core." Probably won't see the core, but then again, why not try?

NGC 4548 Barred Spiral Galaxy in Coma Bernices. Can view it not as a round glow, but with a broad spiral shape with a bright core.

NGC 4216 Mixed Spiral Galaxy inclined. Beautiful Galaxy or so I've heard . . .

Many more but those are the highlights.

Here is a site that I really enjoy as Planetary Nebula are one of my favorite observing targets. When I view a PN, I know I am viewing the future of our own star, the Sun when it ends its red giant phase and throws off its outer shells of gas as it begins to enter the White Dwarf stage, which will happen in about five billion years. This site can be slow to load but it lists by season in the northern and southern hemisphere what PN's are available for observing the the information about it. Enjoy!

Seasonal Planetary Nebula to Observe