XX14i Azimuth and Altitude Movement

This is a movie of my daughter moving the XX14i around just after it was assembled last summer. I don't think I posted this yet, but if I have I apologize. My daughter has also used the 20 inch Obsession at our family cabin/observatory. I need to re-interview her as she is pretty honest that the motion is better than the XT8 and XT10 that I had owned before I did some modifications, and not as smooth as the Obsession, but that it works well. Again, these are not the motions of a premium dob, but with some Sailkote the azimuth motion is really nice (this movie was taken before I applied the Sailkote to the azimuth). My daughter is about 5" 2' and all of about 115lbs. So you can determine for yourself how the motions are, probably best to try one out if you can if your investigating it.